Oldtimer engine rebuilding


Jurgal does end-to-end engine rebuilding of youngtimer and oldtimer motor vehicles. These vehicles are more than 25 years old. In Poland, they are recognised by ‘Historical Vehicle’ yellow registration plates. Youngtimers and oldtimers are vehicles often unused for a long time and their engines require restoration. The vehicles feature older engineering solutions, so rebuilding an engine from one requires expert knowledge, experience, and primarily, a dedicated rebuilding process.

Youngtimer & oldtimer engine rebuilding
Youngtimer & oldtimer engine rebuilding
Youngtimer & oldtimer engine rebuilding

End-to-end vintage vehicle engine restoration

The team at Jurgal approaches each end-to-end rebuild of a vintage vehicle engine as a technical challenge and an opportunity to show their expertise and technical skills. We can rebuild spark-ignition and Diesel engines of passenger cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles from any era – including the oldest models manufactured in the beginning of the 20th century. Depending on the requirements, we can rebuild engines with:

  • honing of crankshaft journal receiver holes;
  • honing and grinding of cylinder walls;
  • honing and buffing of shafts and connecting rods;
  • engine head valve grinding;
  • engine block alignment;
  • seal replacement;
  • fluid change.

We rebuild youngtimer and oldtimer engines with due care and all the required technical expertise. Each job is done according to a preconfirmed schedule.