Grinding of crankshafts is performed using Danish AMC-Schou and Italian Robbi grinders. We have the ability to grind shafts which are over 1500 mm in length.
After grinding, crankshaft journals are polished. Polishing of the pivots improves the surface quality, which in turn improves the interaction of the journals of the shaft with the bushings. This results in less resistance to the shaft rotation and longer life of the shaft and bearings.


After grinding, the crankshaft is checked using a dynamic balancer made by Sunnen. The balancer enables balancing in-line and V-shaped shafts.

Comprehensive balancing of a crankshaft includes alignment of the mass of complete pistons, adjustment of connecting rod masses, balancing the flywheel, balancing the shaft, and final balancing of the shaft with the flywheel. By balancing the crankshaft, engine vibrations are reduced, the service life is extended, power is increased and fuel consumption is reduced.


In the case of crankshaft wear outside the catalogue dimensions, we rebuild damaged journals by hardfacing. For crankshaft hardfacing we use an automatic welder manufactured by the German company Rege. The technology used allows us to obtain the appropriate technical parameters of welded journals.