Industrial honing and other services

Welcome to the JURGAL website!

We are a specialist plant that provides comprehensive services related to internal combustion engines – passenger cars, trucks, as well as vintage and sports cars. Our activity focuses on three services: engine reconditioning, industrial honing and ultrasonic engine cleaning.

Reconditioning of engines

The most extensive branch of our activity is reconditioning services. We repair individual engine components of trucks as well as passenger cars – this includes reconditioning of engine blocks, actuators and repair of crankshafts, as well as comprehensive reconditioning of complete engines. Thanks to many years of experience in the reconditioning industry and our specialized equipment, we are also able to undertake repairs of both vintage and sports engines. Our company provides professional services, including reconditioning of automotive cylinder heads, as well as alignment and bushing of engine blocks. Moreover, we also carry out balancing and grinding of crankshafts and reconditioning of connecting rods. An interesting addition to the scope of our work is the tuning of engine components, preparing cars for participation in sports competitions.

In addition, we provide services in the scope of non-contact industrial cleaning. We perform ultrasonic cleaning of car engines, including engine blocks and heads.

Honing and industrial cleaning

In our plant we also provide services of industrial honing of bores, components and assemblies of machines and devices. The honing performed by our company guarantees the maintenance of dimensions, tolerance and surface quality of the machined bore surface. We specialize in honing bushes, blocks and hydraulic cylinders, bodies and pipes.

We run two plants in Mikołów. One plant provides services in the scope of industrial honing, while the other specializes in engine reconditioning. Feel free to have a look at the full range of our services posted on the website.


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