Reconditioning of car heads

Reconditioning of heads is made using the latest technologies in welding and machining. The machinery park for machining heads is based on machines manufactured by the American company Sunnen, which make it possible to repair all types and sizes of heads.
Before the reconditioning starts, the head is disassembled at a specialist station, which is used for disassembly and safe assembly of the head after its reconditioning is completed.

Reconditioning of the heads begins with checking the tightness on a special device, which makes it possible to carry out this operation in temperature conditions close to the normal temperature of the running engine. After locating the leakage, the head is prepared for the welding process, then welded and pre-machined.

After re-checking the head for leak tightness, new valve seats and new valve guides are inserted. We have the technology to recondition valve guides, which is performed using a specialized device. Reconditioning of valve guides consists in upsetting the internal diameter of the worn guide with a special tool and then drilling the guide with a diamond reamer.

Next, the camshaft bearing in the head is verified, and if necessary, the head is machined on a specialized machine tool. The valves from a reconditioned head are also verified. After verifying the wear of the steams, the valve plugs are ground on a specialist grinder.

The final machining of the head includes head surface planning and valve seat machining. The valve seats are machined on a special milling machine for valve seats, where the machining is carried out with a contoured tool in the shape of a valve seat. After individual adjustment of each valve in the head, the tightness of the valves is checked with a vacuum tester.