Engine regeneration

The reconditioning of car engines is one of our key activities. We perform overhauls of engines of passenger cars, trucks and vans, as well as engines of vintage and sports cars. As part of engine reconditioning, we carry out: car cylinder head reconditioning, repairs of combustion engine blocks, hardfacing of crankshafts  and other elements of combustion engines.. We have equipment designed for ultrasonic cleaning of engines, blocks and car heads. You can see an overview of our full offer below:

Comprehensive reconditioning of engines in terms of:

  • initial cleaning
  • dismantling
  • machining
  • technical advisory
  • ultrasonic cleaning
  • preparation for assembly
  • assembly

We recondition engine components of:

  • classic cars
  • performance & sports cars
  • passenger cars and commercial vans
  • trucks, buses & coaches
  • construction machines
  • forklift trucks
  • farming tractors and machines
  • motorcycles
  • compressors, etc.

Reconditioning of engine components in the scope of:

Cylinder heads:

  • removal of broken spark plugs
  • removal of seized injectors
  • welding of cracked and damaged cylinder heads
  • full cylinder head processing
  • water jacket leak testing
  • superficial facing
  • replacement and regeneration of valve guides
  • replacement of valve seats
  • valve grinding
  • valve seat milling
  • camshaft seat machining
  • thread repairs
  • valve manufacturing
  • cylinder head reassembly and adjustment

Cylinder blocks and liners:

  • cylinder bore grinding: boring & honing
  • cylinder liner replacement
  • cylinder liner manufacturing (dry & wet types)
  • superficial facing
  • crankshaft bed regeneration (alignment): boring and honing
  • boring of camshaft bearing shells
  • surfacing of pits & welding of cracks