Ultrasonic cleaning

Unlike mechanical cleaning processes, ultrasonic cleaning produces the maximum attainable cleanliness of processed details in a relatively short time.

Ultrasound processing effectively removes foreign bodies and contamination, e.g.:

  • grease
  • oils
  • coolant emulsions
  • pastes
  • chips
  • swarf, etc.

The cavitation effect caused by ultrasonic processing on the surfaces being cleaned is intense, yet does not damage them.

We provide ultrasonic cleaning with our custom-built ultrasonic washer from Ultron. The machines is adapted to our processing needs.
The ultrasonic washer reduces the cleaning time of otherwise processed details. The method does not damage the parts at all. Ultrasonic cleaning can be used process parts and machine components with the following characteristics:

  • maximum weight: 200 kg
  • L: 1300, W: 700, H: 500 mm.

Advantages of the innovative ultrasonic cleaning process:

  • very low etchant concentrations (ca. 5-7%)
  • the processing is viable at low temperatures of approx. 50 C
  • low electrical power consumption
  • the processing time is reduced several times: traditional cleaning takes ca. 2 hours, ultrasound cleaning requires approximately 30 minutes
  • results in homogeneous and smooth surfaces, unlike in shot peening, which leaves superficial coarseness
  • ultrasonic cleaning assures thorough and even cleaning of all surfaces of processed details, even those with confined voids
  • ultrasonic processing assures extremely precise degreasing, which is a requirement e.g. for recoating. Shot peening, on the other hand, requires additional washing of processed details
  • no harmful dusting, unlike in shot peening.